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What you are facing you are not facing alone, it may just feel quite lonely.
Thousands have made decisions before you and thousands will make decisions after you regarding senior living care and housing. We recognize that senior living choices are difficult choices. Our goal is to help you: Be informed. Be empowered. Be able to make the best seniorDECISION.
Benefits to the Consumer
  • Free to use
  • Ratings and Reviews by other consumers, not by paid advertisers
  • Largest database of consumer focused senior care and housing information
  • "Golden Rule" - if you are using for the first time, you are benefiting from those that have come before you. And if you are providing a review, you are helping those that come after you. A true opportunity to do for others as they have done for you.

Benefits to the Provider
  • Add visibility by being listed
  • Stay aware of critical consumer feedback on a regular basis
  • Use as a tool to gain feedback from visitors as well as residents and family members that can help improve operational performance
  • Have a chance to respond in a public way to consumer feedback
  • Enroll in seniorACTIVE, and be:
    • 9x more likely to have your information viewed than a non-seniorACTIVE member. More views equal more e-mails and phone calls of interest for you!
    • Listed at the top of relevant searches for providers
    • Sent automatic updates of any feedback written about your business
    • Ensured correct, up-to-date information is provided on our site, enhancing your search engine optimization (we are highly ranked by Google.com and others)
    • Sent "Provider Tips" that will help garner more positive reviews
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Benefits to Referral Sources
  • Enhance your knowledge with that of consumer ratings and review
  • Provide a non-industry sponsored listing of resources that can help people be informed
  • Encourage improvements by businesses that you refer based on consumer-driven feedback
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